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Hooked On lyrics

Hooked On lyrics mp3 songs

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song lyrics
Hooked On (sugarfall) lyrics

My mama told me go on and let you go
Said you would be more problems than I d ever know
Said if he s gonna go then let him go away
But then I get the urge, it hurts so bad (yeah)
When I feel the thirst it makes me mad
I look up in my bed. . . .
I look up and there is your face

(You love it, you love it)
I m so hooked on it, hooked on it
(You want it, you want it)
You re so good on a good day
(Sugarfall, your sugarfall)
You make my sugar fall, sugar fall
(You know you want it bad, baby girl)

I heard it in the streets you got another girl
Yes, it did sting, but didn t shatter my world (I m okay)
You should catch me now when I m in the fall of a state
You re probably thinking to yourself, "This just ain t me."
On the contrary, I was your freak (I was your freak)
Hit me one more time and trust me, I ll be okay
Hey. . . .


Now I will be a bad chick
If I rounded up my clothes
And headed over straight to the door
You wouldn t have a clue
Of what you should do
If I left you laying longing for more
You d be like, "Baby, don t go." (Don t go)
"Baby, want some more?" (Want some more?)
Baby . . . don t go (Just don t go)
Said, baby, please listen, don t you . . . just go

Do you lick your lips when you st-stand alone?
Well, you got no X-ray vision staring through my clothes
Are you sure that you re prepared for what comes served on its plate?
Wait a minute, oh, I m having second thoughts
See my hearts on fault, could you pass my shorts?
Don t you got a girl?
Til then, I m sorry, you must wait
(Especially since I know)

[Chorus 2x]

You know you want it
So, come and get it
song lyrics

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